You might have gone for so many interviews but you always wonder why other people are picked while you have never been picked. In some circumstances, you go to interviews and you find yourself freezing and shaking. At times, you also find that you dont have the slightest idea of the questions being asked. Then it means that there are some few tips that you are missing. Here are a few tips that you need to know when going for an interview.

1. Have a list of your job references and their contacts
In most or all interviews one is always required to have a list of the references. It is really embarrassing to start digging into your phone to look for these references. The best thing to do is to come prepared. Prepare a list of your referees in advance and write them somewhere. Once you are asked to provide them, then you just have to check in your documents and fish them out. This will show the interviewers that you are meticulous in doing you things.

2. Come with questions
Though this is not a basic necessity but it is quite important. Many interviewees are always paralysed when they are required to ask a question. Therefore, it is necessary that you come prepared with a few questions about the company and about your position. This will make an impression that you are an inquisitive person and as well interested in the job.

3. Research about the organization
One great step toward earning a job during an interview is by being confident. This confidence can be found by having some important clues about the company. This will make you know why you are going for the interview or why you are sitting before the panel. One can find information by researching about the company. Doing a research includes checking how the company responds to your application how they hire people there values and principals amongst other things.

4. Research about the role
It happens sometimes that what you apply for is not actually what you are actually being actually employed to do. Some job advertisements will have a misleading job description. It is then necessary that, when applying for any job that you take time to research on what you are going to do. A good way to do this is to find a person who understands the job well and ask what is done in a typical working day.

5. Practice
Most job interviewers today are turning to a method of asking practical questions. This means they will ask about how to perform a particular task or something related to the work you are applying for. So the best way to be apt is to practice and seek professional assistance. Look for someone who is good in the field to give you some clues on how the job is done.

6. Built rapport
One of the best ways to increase your confidence is to think of the interviewer as a person who is on your side or as someone who wants you to do your best. This will make you get relaxed and have the ease to answer the questions. Always take the interviewer as one who is for you and not one who intents to intimidate you.

7. Give yourself time
One of the worst things you can ever do is to be late. Lateness gives an impression that you are either not committed or you do not take things seriously. So it is necessary that you make out enough time to arrive to the interview. Arriving early makes you relaxed and composed as well which is a good thing for an interview.

8. Be yourself
It is very bad to try to be someone else so as to impress. In fact trying to be some else will spoil your interview and make it a terrible failure. There are no favors for being someone else. So just try your best to be your own self.

9. Bring extra copies of your resume
At times you might be interviewed by more than one person and all of them might want to read your resume. So it is good that you carry extra copies.

10 Be nice to everyone you meet
some interviewer will try to test your patience and courtesy during the interview. This can be by using the secretary or the parking officers. So when going for an interview try your best just to be nice to everyone. Do not find yourself snapping at anyone, you might never know, she or he is the one to interview you.

Finally, there is one thing that is very important when you are seeking for a job and this is having some information about DWP. This abbreviation stands for Department of Work and Pension. The department stipulates the work polices and it is good for one to check with this department so as to know the policies of the work you are applying for.