Curriculum Vitae

My Resume:

Having ………. years of experience, in making delicious healthy dishes in star hotels and leading restaurants. Expert in making food at reduced cost without compromising on quality and taste. Have got training from chefs of various star hotels and so expertise in quality procedures and regulations to be followed while making food. Also specialized in preparing menu for the day, with good combinations to attract customers. Can handle high pressure environments and make dishes of good taste and health for large volumes in stipulated time efficiently. Also efficiently managing a team of chefs and cooks and conducted training for them to handle tasks efficiently and make good delicious dishes.

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Valid passport.

 To utilize my abilities and experience of managing a team making special variety dishes of different countries in a professional rewarding environment.


Achievements and skills:

Ability and experience to prepare quality variety dishes in the stipulated time.
Expertise in variety of techniques in cooking to prepare healthy tasty dishes
Excellent managerial ability and have managed various teams with great efficiency.
Ability to produce cost-effective quality healthy delicious dishes by appropriate Planning
Experience of managing all operations related to dish in star hotels.
Trained team mates, by conducting practical and training cooking classes.

 Can handle and prepare delicious quality healthy food to handle large orders in stipulated time.
Efficient in making different delicious menu charts to attract customers.

SPECIALITY AT: Sea foods, Continental, Italian, Spanish, Mexcican, Indian,Grills, Banquets,Chinese and Curry foods     

Work History:


1.  Responsible for managing and delivering quality delicious food by managing a team of 25 cooks and chefs. I specialize in presenting delicious sea foods, Continental , Italian, Spanish, Mexcican,Indian,Grills, Banquets,Chinese and Curry  foods. I take the responsibility of maintaining all the inventories required for food department. I also take charge of training department related to food and training chefs and cooks for following procedures and rules while preparing healthy, delicious food along with quality. I take the responsibility of assigning menus for the day and present different variety menus on different days which attract customers.

2. As the production manager responsibility was reducing material handling cost, use of efficient material handling system and also by using plant layouts which must be developed in a proper or correct way. Reducing the quality cost with the help of analysis of non conformances on periodic basis and also by following suitable actions (both corrective and preventive).Building team spirit among the workmen and also motivating by means of personal involvement. Making most efficient utilization of the available sources for production.

3. Responsibility of making new delicious healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also managed a team of 15 cooks and I was reporting to chief chef. I was appreciated for establishing clear rules and regulations while making dishes which helped the team mates to follow guidelines and prepare healthy delicious dishes.

4. Responsible of entire dish making process along with ….. cooks and delivered quality, delicious dishes.

5. Making dishes mainly sea foods and meats. Expertise in roasting, grilled foods which are favorite dishes of customers of Western Dine. Apart from non-vegetarian also expertise in making vegetarian dishes and was assigned the task of making side items using vegetables and fresh fruits juices of various varieties. I used my innovative style in making the fresh fruit juices by adding heath complements like herbs and spices which adds apart from health taste and flavor.

6. Learnt about the important of quality and healthy food preparation by attending a workshop conducted by chief chef in the restaurant.

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